The Father

Yasser ElWeleily

The choice of playing squash was her mum’s. I never expected her to be so talented .. She was always an energetic child and was always competing against her brother .

After watching the game of squash, I realised it was an intelligence game .. so knowing how intelligent she is .. Besides being athletic, I expected her to be a top 10 player

After becoming pro…¬†We started learning from Raneem how much determination, effort and perseverance it takes to achieve your goal. Raneem to me is an Inspiration…

As for the loss Of the World Champs in Cairo I knew her time was coming ..

There are Tactics and Strategies .. You can lose a battle but you can win the War…of course squash is not WAR but a squash player is a Warrior…

I always tell Raneem that the most important thing in life is your smile and your freedom so always stay and feel free..