The Mum

Reeme Mansi

“Raneem’s achievement is that she is The 1st Egyptian Female Player ever to be no.1 in all sports not only Squash.”

“If playing sports will make you loose your ethics then there is no need to play sports at all”
Reeme Mansi

Oh I can’t believe it …. At last a dream come true .. Myself, my Husband and all who have witnessed the rise of Raneem are now very very HAPPY!

I don’t believe Nicol will give us the time to celebrate … She is after all The World Squash Reigning Queen and will always be…

Raneem followed Tameem’s steps and she showed talent from the very start … I was a basketball player myself .. So I cannot say that I could have feel if she would be promising or not … But the coaches and everybody who saw her said that she is going to be a great thing.

I always used to tell her when she filled in the form for the WISPA membership: your dream, your target has got to be no. 1…

But of course you know Raneem, always doing the unexpected … When she is supposed to be booming …. She is … lalalalalala …. Somewhere else .. But even then, people had faith in her talent. I believed and still believe she has something special ..

Things in Egypt are not carried out easily as they might seem to you .. We have to follow our children, it is not like other countries where they follow a talent and take full responsibility .. Parents have to be the coaches the Physio, the Mental Coach…and Programmers if necessary.

As for reaching the top … I always had the feeling nobody can be no.1 as long as Nicol is playing.

And at this minute, I still think there will be a sudden Tournament before next month and that Nicole will be able to make it and stay no. 1

It is not so much about being no.1… It is for how long you be able to stay no.1 … Raneem will stay as the player who was able to reach the top while Nicole is still at her peak…

She maybe no.1 for a month or even more hopefully, but this will never be compared to Nicole’s achievement.

So yes I always dreamed Raneem would be able to reach this achievement

Thank God.

She really deserve all the best .. I’m not saying just because she is my daughter but she is an honest, decent and such a giving person always neglecting herself … I am sure those who have had come close to her can talk much better than me.

And I think that the heartily comments, wishes and feelings you sometimes feel and see in people’s eyes is a God’s Gift.

In the World Open I just felt that it is not meant to be that day … And I had a serene feeling against all expectations

Of course there could have been no more perfect day than that day … But the year before, the World Champion lost in her hometown in the Semi … So there is no perfect day.

There is The Special Day … So we always pray for that day.

I would like to thank all who believed in Raneem … Thank You. You where the light in the dark tunnel that kept us racing against all odds.

I would like to thank all her sponsors. All her coaches who made an impact and guided her in different stages … The different Boards in the Squash Federations … the Ministry of Sports and the Minister Of Sports Mr. Khaled Abd ElAziz who despite Raneem’s loss in the World Open congratulated us on such a great talent, performance and manners …

Raneem’s achievement is that she is The First Egyptian Female Player ever to be no.1 in all sports not only Squash.

To conclude, I would add that Raneem was always a smiling child … And that we raised our kids to know that behaviors are the most important thing in life … So if playing sports will make you loose your ethics then there is no need to play sports at all …

PS. Raneem’s dad is adding that behind every athlete there is an unknown soldier and on Raneem’s case it is her mum.

And I add that as a family we all stood together and although I was fully occupied with every single data I could have never made it without my husband support and clear and wise decisions … Cause I always went back to him with every single problem that occurred …