The Aunt & the American Family

THE AMERICAN MUM & DAD: Beth and Bob Wain Brandon

I always had faith that Raneem would reach the top because she plays the game like nobody else! She has the skills but also the personality that allows her to have the inner drive to do the best. Nobody plays like Raneem!

What others may not know about Raneem is how kind and caring she is. She is a warrior on the court but a pussy cat off the court.

She never hesitates to offer a helping hand to others and is sweet and respectful to all. She also has a wicked sense of humour! She keeps us smiling all the time.

THE AUNT: Lara Hussein

I have always believed in Raneem and her devotion to squash. It takes a talented and really decisive person to be on top of this game and Raneem had it all.

When she lost the match in Cairo, she was still the champ to me. I would like the whole world to know how a great, confident, and responsible person she is

To me and the whole family she is #1.

God bless her.