The Brother

Tameem El Welily:

“I always believed”…

Yes I always believed and was waiting for this day more than her.

Our Parents have done a lot for us and this is the least acknowledgment they deserve.

As an older brother I used to push Raneem to new limits when it came to squash or being competitive in any other aspect (we still do enjoy this rivalry in video games). I even used to take her on my team when we played soccer as little kids (9 & 6 years old ). Later on she won 3 local soccer titles in a row in Helioplos having Omneya, Kendy Dafrawy and Eman El Amir on her team.

Now I can proudly say she is the one pushing me to new limits, she became an inspiration to all of us and our support will always be there for her no matter what.

I always return to her when I have something bothering me or a decision that I’m hesitant about, living with Raneem made me put high expectations from the women I dated and the expectations I’m waiting I’m looking for my wife in real life.

Raneem results are unpredictable, she will always surprises you at the end like she did recently in Cairo 2014 and British open 2015 but with all due respect her come backs are spectacular.

From losing a British Junior open final to win a World Junior open, from losing in the quarters of a wispa tournament (Alex open) and thinking of quitting to return and helping her team win their first ever team title and finally from the World Open Final in Cairo to become the first Egyptian ever crowned as world number one ending Nicol David’s run of 9 years!!!

I think that says it all.