Season Review for CIB Rowan ElAraby

“Personally, I think playing the last season was great for me. Breaking into the top eight was one of my main goals for the last season. Yeah, this is something I’ve worked really hard to achieve,” Rowan said.

“I’ve changed my fitness programme as well last season with Derek Ryan. So yeah, this is something I needed to work on the physical part and my fitness overall.


“So yeah, I think I’ve achieved everything I wanted for the last season, and also winning the Bronze event for me was, you know, something I was really happy about. And yes, I’m looking forward to keep the momentum going for the next season.

“Like my body wasn’t really feeling it last season, I had a lot of injuries, actually. So I had to change something about the programme. Yeah, so Derek took really good care of my body. And, you know, we’ve worked on the body really well to prevent the injuries I had. Working on it wasn’t really easy. He helped a lot with with preventing the injuries and, you know, proving my strength and my endurance on court. So, yeah, I’m really happy about it.

“In the last couple of tournaments last season, I had to work really hard to stay in the rankings of the World Tour Finals because there was a lot of competition and it was really important. For me, as you know, it gave me confidence and playing with the best in the world, it’s actually a whole different tournament and a whole different experience.

“So yes, being at this tournament was really great for me, and, you know, although I didn’t win any of the matches, I think I played the best I could, having like, an ankle injury, and, you know, trying to compete with the best in the world was great for me.

“Playing as the top seed at the Carol Weymuller Open, it’s a new challenge for me, and I had to just be as conscious and concentrated as ever to compete in this event. And I had a very tough draw and playing Sabrina Sobhy, Nadine Shahin and playing Siva Subramaniam wasn’t easy at all, it’s always challenging playing these players.

“And, you know, I actually had to give it my all, literally my all to beat all their best, the best players in the tournament, so I had to just play my best squash, you know, to get them in to win the tournament.

“One of my main goals this season is to beat the top players, you know. I’ve already broke the top eight, and that was a goal to reach and then I think for me, the next goal is to break into the top four and beat top players. So that’s what I’m working on with my coaches right now.

“Just, you know, play my best squash and actually, me and my coaches, watch some of the matches I played the last season and I’m working on the mistakes I made. I’m working on the things I need to improve in and yeah, hopefully they were the next season.”