Fram Gommendy

Raneem retiring??

How come? She is only 14.
She just turned world junior champ.
She just keep finding the tin – although it’s getting lower she says, I still keep finding it.
She just found her game, her confidence, her belief.
She just looked at her mum, after losing those match balls in Wadi Degla against Nicol: Mum, do you still love me?
She just been rewarded by three Egyptian presidents, been world champ, world number one, first Arab women to achieve number 1 status in sport, then first ever couple with Tarek being world champions.
She just started. Somebody just sent me a message “did Raneem asked you permission to retire? I wouldn’t have alllowed it”.

It shouldn’t be allowed.
Our champions, our players, our babies. They shouldn’t be allowed to stop. Ever.
I’m going to miss you so much, my Enigmatic Butterfly.

First time I saw you was early 2005 I think. I fell in love immediately with you, with your game, your smile, your personality, your charm, your talent, but most of all, by your attitude on court.


You are one of those incredible people who you love more and more as time goes by. I am so happy for you that a page is turning and a new whole chapter is starting, but so sad I’m not going to be dazzled by your one in a million style of squash.

You are, as Mr Abaza described you, the ultimate role model. I cannot express how much I love you, and how much your squash is going to be missed.