Moustafa El Sirty joins CIBSquashTeam!

Well, it was to be expected, as CIBTeam seems to add remarkable junior talents recently, the ‘Man of the Year’ Moustafa El Sirty is now part of the Champions Team.

20-year-old Moustafa went from strength to strength in 2021, winning a massive nine tournaments from 14 tournaments in 2021.

The Egyptian has risen 45 places in 2021 and has reached a current highest world ranking of 38.
His biggest win came in the 30k event CAS – Serena Hotels / Combaxx International Squash Championships in Pakistan. And Moustafa ended the year in perfect fashion, wining his last four events.

As SquashInfo mentionned in a tweet back in December 2021:

What a record: 30 Tour events, 17 finals – & now 12 titles for new Men’s


“It’s definitely exciting times for Mostafa”, smiled CIB CEO and Board Member Hussein Abaza.

“He is young, of course he still has a lot to learn still but we had to support and nurture his potential. CIB is proud to ensure Egyptian Squash domination is there to stay. And that means helping the young talents to grow and improve.

“Our Squash Team is diverse, talented, with experienced players as well as very young ones. We will make sure we keep supporting and nurturing our present and future Egyptian Squash Champions.”