Semis & Finals


[2] Nour El Sherbini  3-0 [1] Nouran Gohar   11-6, 11-8, 11-5 (43m)
[4] Mostafa Asal 3-0 [2] Paul Coll (NZL)  13-11, 11-8, 11-7 (76m)
El Sherbini:

“I’m really happy with my performance, I think this was my best performance of the whole season so I’m glad I’m ending on a win and I just wanted to be good in my last match and last tournament.

“I’ve been struggling the whole season but it’s a credit to all the other players who have been playing really well. I’ve been trying to push every match and I’m glad that I stopped in the middle of the season, it helped me a lot to regroup and I’m really happy with the last three tournaments I played and now I can rest and come back stronger.

“She [Nouran Gohar] took the No.1 spot from me and has been winning all the Platinum events so that shows how on form she has been. It’s always challenging and tough, she didn’t lose a game all tournament so it was tough. I’m happy with the rivalry and the challenge we have and I’m looking forward to the challenge next season.”

“It’s unbelievable for me, having two trophies for the same tournament and defending my title is unreal for me.
“Thanks to this crowd, Karim Darwish for organising this amazing tournament, Lee Beachill and all of PSA for helping me. All credit to Paul, he’s an unbelievable player and one of the most honest players on tour, thanks to him for a great battle and I’m looking forward to more battles with him for sure.
“After the first game, I looked at the screen and it was 40 minutes and I thought I couldn’t continue like this and I managed to win the third and to win the match is something unbelievable for me and I’m looking forward to playing here again.
“Thanks to my parents, my friends, my coaches. It’s unreal support, I’m playing in front of my friends and I live two minutes from here so it’s hard to express my feelings.”


[4] Mostafa Asal 2-0 [1] Ali Farag  11-4, 11-6 (36m)

[1] Nouran Gohar 2-0 [3] Hania El Hammamy  11-9, 12-10 (42m)
[2] Nour El Sherbini 2-0[4] Amanda Sobhy (USA)  11-2, 11-5 (14m)