Salma Hany

It is quite hard to let it sink in.

The news of your retirement is heartbreaking for me.

I wish I had the chance to witness you for longer,Enjoy Watching you play more and spend more time with you on tour.

But I was very fortunate to share with you a part of your journey and Live so many beautiful memories and great moments with you.

A class act on and off court,A true paragon and an inspiration to so many,A fighter mindset mixed with elegance,A fierce champion with the kindest heart.

Your impact on the sport as a player and as a person was great,Still is great and will keep on being greatly present.

Thank you for all what you have done for the sport.
Thank you for showing the world the true meaning of sportsmanship.
Thank you for always spreading joy,warmth and love.
Thank you for the lessons you taught me and for always being my friend and sister.

Your simplicity, sincerity, humbleness and wonderful personality are out of this world.

Stellar career. Incredible talent. Beautiful human.

No words will ever be enough.


All the happiness and success in your next chapter.

I will truly miss you on tour.

Love you. Raneem El Welily