Nour El Sherbini

There is absolutely nothing I can write that will suffice, but here goes.

These past two days have been very emotional for me. Raneem El Welily was not merely a fellow player, Raneem has been my companion through my squash journey for as long as I can remember, she became family. Every happy moment, every challenging moment, she was by my side.

Raneem, I honestly find it very difficult to picture being on tour without you. You have taught me so much on a personal and professional level.

While I can’t help but express how terribly missed you will be, I am extremely happy and excited for this next chapter of your life, which I know I will always be a part of.

Thank you for everything you gave this game and for everything you gave me.

Thank you for your sportsmanship and for being the best travel companion I could ask for.Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on and a sister to celebrate with.

Thank you for being my secret keeper.

Above all, Thank you for being You.

Always a partner never a rival