Egyptian Nationals 2022: All the Podiums

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U19B: 1. Karim El Torky 2. Mohamed Nasser. 3.Yassin Shohdy. Ahmed Walid
U19G: 1. Kenzy Ayman 2. Fayrouz Ehab. 3. Menna Walid. 4. Malak Khafagy
U17B: 1. Salman Sherif 2. Mohamed Zakareya 3. Marwan Tamer 4. Yousef Rushdy
U17G: 1. Amina Orfy 2. Jana Oweis. 3. Lojayn Gohary. 4. Nour Megahed

U15B: 1. Eyad Dawood 2. Chris Alber 3. Adham Rushdy 4. Marwan Asal
U15G: 1. Nadine Hamamy 2. Jana Galal 3. Lauren Baltayan 4.Barb Sameh
U13B: 1. Mohamed Abaza 2.Omar Tabbakh 3.Ammar Ahmed 4. Mohamed Ashraf.
U13G: 1. Talia Zakareya 2.Habiba Rizk 3. Rinad Haytham 4. Laila Hesham

U11B: 1. Aly Teleb 2. Hassan Ahmed 3. Omar Shousha Hazem Mohamed
U11G: 1. Reem Mahmoud 2. Judy Mohamed 3. Solaf Ahmed 4. Malak Hatem

O35 masters: 1. Ahmed Ragheb 2. Ayman Masood 3. Ahmed Moharram 4.Sherif Rashdan
O45 masters: 2. Tarek Abdel Aziz 2. Amr Abdel Moneim 3. Mohamed Atef 4. Hassan Aly

Semis Juniors

Mohamed Nasser beat Ahmed Walid
Karim El Torky beat Yassin Shohdy
Kenzy Ayman beat Menna Walid
Fayrouz Aboulkheir beat Malak Khafagy

Mohamed Zakareya beat Youssef Rushdy
Salman Khalil beat Marwan Tamer.
Jana Owais beat Lojayn Gohary
Amina Orfy beat Nour Megahed

Chris Alber beat Adham Rushdy
Eyad Dawood beat Marwan Asal
Nadine Hamamy beat Lauren Baltayan
Jana Galal beat Barb Sameh

Omar Tabbakh beat Ammar Ahmed
Ohamed Obaza beat Mohamed Ashraf
Talya Zakareya beat Rinad Haytham
Habiba Rizk beat Layla Hesham

Aly Teleb beat Hazem Mohamed
Hassan Ahmed beat Omar Shousha
Reem Mahmoud beat Solaf Ahmed
Judy Mohamed beat Malak Hatem

Could it be the biggest squash event ever played?

That’s what our new Championship Director Omar ElBorolossy believes. “I just received the official figures from the Tournament Office, and we have 1601 players exactly participating to our Nationals this year.”

Yes, you read well. One thousand six hundred and one players which regroups Juniors, professionals and Masters O35 and O45 on two venues and 19 courts (Madinaty Club with 11 courts and Heliopolis Shorouk Club with 8 courts) for 8 days – 10th to 18th March.

“I am very proud and excited to start my job as the Egyptian Squash Federation Championships Director with organizing the 2022 Egyptian National Tournament, which is the biggest ever squash event” concluded Mr ElBorolossy.

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