Busy Day at the CIBTeam Office!

Boy it was a busy day today at the Nile Tower, at the CIB as Mr Hussein Abaza, CIB CEO, signed two talented players into the CIBSquash Team!

First, Mazen Hesham, aka The Black Falcon, couldn’t express enough how delighted he was:

“I’m extremely happy to be signing with CIB, and I would like to thank them for their continuous support for all the Egyptian players/ tournaments and the tour as well. They are having a really big impact on the sport.

“So it’s honour to have my name related to them.”

Then it was the turn of Young Prince Youssef Ibrahim, who just finished his studies in Princeton, USA. The Golden Boy of Egyptian Squash was chuffed too!

“I am so happy to part of the CIB team. I was so excited when they reached out to me back in August to sign but I couldn’t because I had to leave to the US to finish my last year of school in Princeton.

“We settled on a date when I come back in December and I was very much looking forward to it. I am looking forward to play their shirt in my next tournament and hopefully for many years to come🙏🙏

Mr Hussein Abaza, a fervent squash supporter and connoisseur, was proud to have those two names added to the prestigious CIBSquashTeam they have built over the years

“Both those young men are extremely talented, fair players, with intelligence and passion of our sport. We’ve been keeping an eye on them for quite a while and we feel that now is a good time to have them come and join our Squash Family.

“We are happy to see that other big brands are now starting to support Squash in Egypt, and Egyptian players. It means that we opened the way for our Sport to grow stronger and shine more and more not only in our Country, but also around the world.

“CIB will be welcoming and organising two World Championships this year, the year is going to be as exciting as it comes, so make sure you come and support your players in 2022!”