Squash to resume in Egypt from 1st July – Instructions and Penalties

27 June 2020

The Board of Members of the Egyptian Squash Federation decided in its meeting that was held at 24/06/2020 to form a Medical Committee to follow up the implementation of Precautionary Procedures in clubs and academies starting from July 1, 2020. The committee consists of:
Dr. Tarek Refa’at
Dr. Said Sobhy
Dr. Mohamed Said

Note that the penalties resulting from not applying the PRECAUTIONARY PROCEDURES that will be applied in the clubs and sports organizations of the Egyptian Squash Federation are as follows:

1. The Federation will send a letter to the Medical Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports with instructions violation from the Club / Academy and pay a fine of 5,000 pounds and a warning to stop registering the Club / Academy in the Egyptian Squash Federation.

2. In the event of repetition, sending another a letter to the Medical Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports that the Club / Academy is repeating the violations with a fine of 10,000 pounds, and the registration of coaches and players in the Federation will be prohibited

Precautions & instructions from the Egyptian Squash Federation for all participant clubs and organisations

The Egyptian Squash Federation has announced that Squash – training only – can resume at Egyptian clubs from 1st July. Great news, but there are restrictions on what’s allowed, please study and observe the instructions below so that we can get back to the game safely … First of all, training only is permitted, no actual matches will be allowed at this point in time.

  1. Clean and sterilise floor and walls of the squash complex. Cleaning, disinfection of courts.
  2. Players and Coaches to have a body temperature check on entry, shoes to be sterilised.
  3. Protective masks covering the nose and mouth to be worn at all times, including on court.
  4. Clean and sterilise the players’ hands on entry, the complex and court doors to be opened with a medical glove, a carpet to clean the shoes will be placed at the entrance of the court.
  5. Coaches must stay outside the court. Keep social distancing between the coaches in the squash complex.
  6. No wiping hands on the walls. No air con. No more than two persons on court
  7. No shaking hands between the players. Use your own racquet at all times.
  8. Sterilise players’ and coaches’ hands after training
  9. Changing rooms won’t be accessible, no showers. Players exit the squash complex to his car, then leaves the squash complex.