Orla O’Doherty Brown

Sad (for selfish reasons😜) to hear of Raneem’s retirement from the PSA tour today, but delighted she and Tarek will be welcoming a new baby squash champion in the near future!

Raneem has been a valuable support to me on my Road to Poland journey (which is now pushed back a year due to “the Covid” as we Irish say)…

Always an inspiration and support, even through her own challenging competitive times, she made time for all of us.

Farewell to a true sportsperson, a hero and role model, a thoughtful friend, and must of all Proper Legend. I have no doubt she will lead the way in anything she puts her hand to!

I did get to play her once, and afterwards, you can see me having that chat saying “Raneem, you must NEVER retire…”😂😂😜. Clearly, she didn’t listen! 🤪