After Farida ‘Bazooka’ Mohamed, Fearless Fares joins CIBSquash Family!


What a great news we just heard.

After so much heartache, injuries, surgeries, a long rehabilitation, then a slow climbing up to the top where he belongs, Fares Dessouky won his biggest PSA title back in December, the CIB BlackBall Squash Open 2020. How fitting he is today joining that same CIB family, after signing his contract with CIB CEO/Board Member Godfather Hussein Abaza.

“Fares has been through the mill, and we are so proud of his journey, we cannot think of a better symbol for our bank that the resilience he showed, allied with his talent and hard work” stressed Mr Abaza. ”

Fares was an obvious choice, and we are extremely happy to have him added to our Squash Family.

Farida Mohamed, who just turned 19, is one of Egyptian coming up young players whose determination and grit has already made her noticed on the international scene.

She had a few interesting matches against top players in recent months, forcing them to fight for 5 games, even making a few come backs from two love down that delighted the Egyptian crowds in Blackball (against Joelle King in particular).

Her last appearance on the Tour was actually at BlackBall, where she finally bowed to World number 2 Nouran Gohar 16/14 in the 5th!

Hussein Abaza, CIB CEO, was delighted to welcome Farida into the CIBSquash Family:

“Farida is one of Egyptian top young players that started to make her mark in the PSA Tour.

Her dedication to the sport, talent and hard work make her a perfect ambassador for CIB not only in Egypt, but in the whole world.

We hope she will develop into a role model for Egyptian generations to come”

Farida, nicknamed ‘the Bazooka’ in reference to her incredible hard hitting and physical explosiveness, will start her CIBBlackBall campaign with a match against France Enora Villard, an encounter that is truly in her reach IsA….

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Reminder – CIBSquash Family:

Ali Farag, Tarek Momen, Karim Abdel Gawad, Marwan ElShorbagy, Mohamed Abouelghar for the Men, Hania El Hammamy, Salma Hany, Farida Mohamed for the Ladies.